2015 $5 Gold American Eagle (BU)

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Product Overview

The smallest of the 4 coins produced by the US mint each year since 1986. The $5 Gold American Eagle has the demand of the people. Being a great way to start collecting or a great way to collect small portions of gold, these coins hold true to there demand and usually sell out as fast as they are produced.

The new 2015  American Gold Eagles features the same design that has been used since the coins were first struck in 1986. Like previous coins, the 2015 American Gold Eagles will be minted in 22k pure gold and will have a $5,$10,$25,$50 USD face value coins in the set. These coins are available in Brilliant Uncirculated condition as well as MS69 & 70  -Proof 69 & 70.

There is no symbol that is more representative of America than the bald eagle. The eagle was selected by the national congress in 1782 as the official symbol of America. Those early Americans selected the bald eagle because of its longevity, power, and majesty. Today, the bald eagle is commonly used on commemorative and circulation coins in the US, including the 2015 American Gold Eagles.

The design of the 2015 American Gold Eagles is based upon the design originally used by the US Mint for the $20 US Gold Double Eagle coins, produced from 1907-1933. On one side of the American Gold Eagle is an image of a family of eagles in their nest, representing the safety and security of America. The image includes one eagle in the nest and the other eagle arriving with branches in its talons. Above the family, the words “United States of America” are inscribed. Below, the value, weight, and metal content are stamped on the coin. The terms “E Pluribus Unum” (Out of Many, One) and “In God We Trust” are stamped on either side of the eagles.

On the other side, the image of Lady Liberty walking toward the viewer with an olive branch in one hand, and a torch to guide the way in the other. The image of Lady Liberty used on the 2015 American Gold Eagles was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who was responsible for the overall design of the original $20 US Gold Double Eagle coins.

The US Mint is responsible for producing commemorative and circulation coins for the United States government. At facilities across the country, bullion products are minted each year. The US Mint at West Point is primarily responsible for the production of American Gold Eagle coins.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review