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     An unexpected modern rarity has emerged as a result of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on production of the United States Mint’s flagship silver bullion coin series, the American Silver Eagle. Most production of American Silver Eagle bullion coins is done at the U.S. Mint’s West Point Mint and sometimes at the San Francisco and Philadelphia Mints, too. Because of recent temporary closures at the latter two minting facilities due to safety and health concerns related to the coronavirus, the U.S. Mint had its Philadelphia facility supplement production of the very popular bullion silver coins as needed to meet demand and fill gaps in manufacture and logistics. According to documentation from the Mint, those American Silver Eagle coins were struck between April 8 and 20, and monster boxes of 500 such coins were all packaged manually for the Mint’s network of Authorized Purchasers, who purchase the coins directly from the United States Mint and then sell them retail and to other dealers. Demand for American Silver Eagle bullion coins has exploded during the pandemic as investors have flocked to silver coins – the most popular and widely traded coins in the world being the American Silver Eagle. This year, demand for the coins has risen strongly compared to the last couple years in response to lower spot silver prices and safe haven demand from the massive economic dislocation cause by the pandemic.

     The 2020 (P) Silver Eagle coins made at the Philadelphia Mint are physically indistinguishable from coins made at other mints, and they do not carry mint marks indicating where they were struck. Instead, when graded they are given parentheses around the “P”. In addition to this, NGC and PCGS are including “Emergency Release” and “Emergency Issue” respectively on their certification labels. The coins made at the Philadelphia Mint can be identified by hand-written labels and markings that are affixed to Monster Boxes of such coins and which include tracking numbers that correspond to which mint produced the coins. The U.S. Mint produces millions of silver eagles. Usually these are produced at one mint and they can, and have, minted as many as 47 million coins in one year. Probably not coincidentally, this year was 2015, which happens to be the same year that the lowest minted and rarest Silver Eagle of all time was minted.

     This Silver Eagle was the “2015 (P) Struck at the Philadelphia Mint Silver Eagle”, which has a mintage of 79,640. That coin has recently sold in examples graded MS69 in the $500-600 range on eBay if graded by NGC or PCGS, and for several thousand dollars or more if graded by the same companies in MS70. This coin, the “2020 (P) Struck at the Philadelphia Mint Silver Eagle” has a mintage of only 240,000, making it the second rarest Silver Eagle in history. Being that the 2015  version of this coin in MS70 condition has auctioned for as much as $15,000, being able to buy this coin for under $400 is a steal.

Limited Issue and Exclusive Signature Series

     In January 2007, President George W. Bush nominated George W. Casey Jr. for elevation to Chief of Staff of the Army. The Senate confirmed his nomination on February 8, 2007, with a bipartisan vote of 83–14. Casey relinquished command in Iraq to General David Petraeus to begin his role as the 36 th Chief of Staff of the United States Army, where he led what is arguably the world's largest and most complex organization—1.1 million people strong, with a $200+ billion annual budget—during one of the most extraordinary periods in military and global political history. He became Chief of Staff of an Army that was stretched from 6 years of continuous war. Over his tenure he stabilized and transformed the army to meet the challenges of the 21st century while continuing to meet the demands of two wars. Casey transformed an army trained and prepared for conventional war, to an agile force more suited to modern challenges. Casey accelerated the growth of the army, instituted Retention Bonuses for young officers, increased the funding for soldier and family programs, improved the way the army cared for its wounded soldiers and surviving family members and drove down the stigma associated with behavioral health counseling to stabilize an army stretched by war. He also improved the leadership training for the army's General Officer Corps, advanced the transformation of the army's business and decision making processes, moved the army onto a rotational deployment program much like the Marine Corps' and oversaw a substantial improvement in the capabilities of the Army National Guard and Army Reserves. Casey retired on April 11, 2011 and is currently a Distinguished Senior Lecturer of Leadership at Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School of Management as well as a teaching fellow at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.

     Paramount Rare Coin & Currency is fortunate enough to have the exclusive rights to this very limited supply of hand signed coins by this 4-star general and hero to our great country. As you know by now, the (P) mint Silver Eagles are already one of the rarest issued Silver Eagles in history; but the select few who are able to get their hands on one of these signature series coins will put themselves above the rest! Fewer than 300 total coins are available in perfect MS70 First Strike condition!!! That is approximately 0.2% (Yes that is less than 1%) of the entire mintage.

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